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Website Online Marketing Response

When back checking after a website online marketing campaign, response or non-response can be very confused so needs to be very well understood.

Online response

Many companies who carry out a website marketing campaigns expect customers to come running through their doors waving their message above their heads screaming out that they had received it, in reality this just does not happen, and you should not expect it, the only time you may expect a percentage of people bringing in the message back is when the campaign contains a voucher, but in reality this is still a small number. Response rates can be affected in a huge number of ways, which virtually all have no connection with the web design company that carried out the campaign. Responses happen in many ways, and a response is not a sale always.

Most consumers now do large amounts of shopping on the internet, and do even more research. Most of the general public if they are considering making a purchase will stop and think and if it is of greater value research the products and companies, this is very often now done over the internet, so if a potential client views your website after receiving your online marketing message, this is a very positive response, but one that many companies would not even think about is or example if the customer saves your number and make a big sale 2 weeks later. Even opening the e-mail or social media, looking on the marketing message and then thinking how that product or service could fit into their lifestyle is response, the response being the fact that consumer is now thinking about that service or product. Brand, product and company recognition is an area that most companies strive for, but only the very serious advertisers will ever achieve real brand recognition. The likes of retail shops, car manufacturers, mobile phone companies, soft drink brands, supermarkets are the ones that instantly spring to mind. How have they done this, by continual online advertising and being in front of most of the population every day of the year. Obviously we are concerned with the response rate of an online marketing campaign.

Expecting a good response rate and good long term feedback off a single online marketing campaign is at best very hopeful, and to be honest quite naive. Companies do make it work but these are the ones that do their websites marketing campaign at regular intervals over a long period of time, often a number of years, consumers then start to expect and wait for the arrival of the item or service for example. Let me put this question to you: Can you remember what online marketing messages you meet 8 days ago? Also can you guarantee beyond doubt that you are aware of every marketing message from online and social media that is delivered daily? The answer is probably NO.

But please remember and don’t get down hurted about online marketing campaigns, it is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising, and it works! If it did not, you would not be receiving advertising messages reading your newspaper online or enjoy it on social media !

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