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Website Online Marketing Response

When back checking after a website online marketing campaign, response or non-response can be very confused so needs to be very well understood. Online response Many companies who carry out a website marketing campaigns expect customers to come running through their doors waving their message above their heads screaming out that they had received it, in reality this just does not happen, and you should not expect it, the only …Read More

Designing Your Website

The design of your website is vital, it will be the first impression that the customer will have of your company or organization, if your website looks cheap and unprofessional you run the risk that the viewer will judge you in the same way. Website design Three factors must be very closely watched: design, content and quality. Design is often best left to a company or person that has skills …Read More

How Website Images Would Catch People Eyes

Images grab attention, make sure that you use ones that will get the attention of whoever takes a look at your website. Image impact on website Make sure it is very easy for any prospective clients to see your range of products or services, and that you include all possible ways to make contact, for example: phone, mobile number if appropriate, email address, social media addresses. Include an offer, but …Read More