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WebsON Responsive Package

WebsOn Responsive Package is our latest product. This product is for businesses which already have a website. But their website is not updated with the last technology. The main change in web technology is the increase of internet allowance on mobile devices and the use of them to access web pages.

This package literally change the website using the materials (text, images, videos) from the old website converting them to a new website updated to all new technologies from today.

This include: new design, change of programming structure and mobile version of website compatible with most of all smartphones on the market (Samsung, IPhone, LG, Sony,  HTC, Nexus, Lenovo, Huawei, Nokia, BlackBerry).

Few of issues that exist with overcoming of technology  are:

  1. Text is too small to see on screen
  2. Website is too big on screen.
  3. Extremely slow loading
  4. Awkward to navigate
  5. Images and text not loading properly on screen
  6. BeforeAfter

  7. Hard to type in
  8. Slow searching results
  9. Frustrating to use, forcing web visitors to look elsewhere

The update difference after implementing this package it’s up to 80% .

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