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Advertising A New Business

Running your own business is seen by many to be the perfect lifestyle, the potential to make a good income, perhaps flexible hours and better life, but very few people who are thinking about starting a business realize how hard it will be! Starting a new business from scratch takes a huge amount of energy, time, commitment and most importantly money !

Website advertising

Money and cash flow is the lifeblood to any business, without it you will sink. One of the things people seem to forget when planning a new business is the amount of money needed to advertise it, without advertising no one will know you are there, and if they don’t know you are there, they won’t be able to give you their hard earned cash! Very often we see start-up businesses that have everything sorted, great premises, cars, vans, stock, tools, staff everything that they need to trade, as it gets close to the opening date the attention comes around to advertising the business. The phone calls are often very similar, I am sure many will agree. “We are starting our new business next week and we need to do online marketing to promote it” this always gets the alarms bells ringing, the information is gathered, location, type of business etc., then it comes around to the budget. Any new business needs to advertise very regularly and often especially over the first year or two, once it becomes established the advertising schedule can then be tailored to suit. If the advertising is not in place, there is a large risk of lack of business, without the business there will be no cash flow, without the cash flow, you will not be able to advertise, and so it goes on, and sure way to sink.

Without A Good Advertising Budget You Are Doomed. Remember the advertising is what generates business, it should be one of your priority items, not something last on the list.

The main focus after your online marketing campaign must be to convert as many responses as you can to direct inquiries and from that hopefully sales, this process must be slick and efficient and a very easy process for any potential customer. Firstly think of as many ways as possible that someone may have responded to your web marketing campaign, ranging from thinking about the product or service that you offer, visiting your website, going through to a direct contact, perhaps by phone, email or by personal visit.

You must make it as simple as possible for any potential client to make contact, view the range of products and services that you offer or even possibly make an order. One of the biggest mistakes that companies have is by having a junior member of staff answering telephone calls, quite often from potential clients, if someone is making an inquiry, they expect a quick efficient delivery of the information that they require, and very often a junior staff member will not be able to provide this. Lots of small businesses also make other major mistakes, which are frankly unforgivable, these issues often affect the trades type businesses, builders, plumbers, electricians etc. Firstly, the telephone not being answered, just an answer phone, secondly, if the phone is answered all you will receive is a short sharp “Hello” no company name or similar, the caller is then left wondering if they have called the correct number, but certainly has a much reduced first impression of the company called.

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